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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Home Staging Short Primer

While this is not meant to be a thorough business plan, it will give you some ultra basics. You should acquire more thorough training if you are really serious. More about that at the end.


  • Use your knowledge of design; acquire more training. There is a difference between decorating for yourself and doing it for a fee.
    Find out what small business legal steps you need for your community and state. These differ and are called different things.
    If you want to use a name other than your own, you'll need to set up a ficticious name.
    Create a business card that clearly states what you do.
    Gather together some useful accessories.
    You may need extra help. Hire some if necessary.
    Promote your business with advertising and word of mouth.
    Buy a domain name and create a website.
    Set an appointment for consultation. Listen to what the client wants and then create a step by step plan to achieve that.
    Decide how much you want to earn each month (be realistic) and set your rates accordingly.

AUTHOR: Barbara Jennings is one of the top interior redesign and home staging experts and trainers in the country. She has written several decorating books on redesign and staging, and has created many exclusive tools of the trade to help stagers and redesigners to build their business ventures. For a more extensive training program, visit More on Home Staging.


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