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Friday, September 16, 2005

Matching vs Blending

Dear Barbara,

I want to have chair cushions ( good quality 2 or 3 inch foam padding, tailored, piping, etc.) for my six dining room chairs and a bench. I have chosen a patterned fabric as well as a solid fabric that matches my accent colors already in place. I was wanting to get away from 'everything' matching in my dining set. I really wanted to have one side of my cushions in my soilid color and the other in the patterned fabric. However, I'm afraid that the seat part of the chair may look like I ran out of material if it doesn't match the front, back and side edges of my tailored cushions. Two of my chairs are put in a spare bedroom as there isn't room for them around my table when it is not extended (only two of us here now). I want the bench patterned so perhaps two of the chairs always out could be solid cushioned and two patterned and the two put away until we have company solid as well. These are costly to have made so I want it to be especially pleasing.

Any ideas or suggestions for me with all your experience?

Thanking you in advance,




Before I read all of your email, I was already thinking that you should not mix solid and pattern on the same cushion, but if you want a change, make some of the chairs solid and some pattern.

Make 2 either solid or patterned, and the rest the opposite. Just make sure that the pattern is the appropriate scale for the chairs: ie. a small pattern.

Do the bench in the pattern and two chairs as well.

Do the other 4 chairs in the solid.

Think "blend", not "match". Colors don't have to match, just blend. Far more interesting that way.



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