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Thursday, June 29, 2006

What Size Tile to Get?

My house is an open floor plan. I'm removing all my hardwood floors that start at the foyer of my house that leads down a short hall way to the kitchen. What would be the difference if I chose a 13 inch cermamic tile of an 18 inch? Is it just what I like best or will one make the room look larger/smaller?

Compare the price of the smaller size to the larger size (square or rectangular) or whatever configuration you choose to see if there is a price savings on one size as opposed to the other when you factor in your total square foot needs. That might have an influence on your decision.

As for making a room look larger or smaller, that probably would be determined more by the direction of the tile, whether square or rectangular, and perhaps color.

If square, the smaller size might appear a bit more busy than the larger tile. If rectangular, and the longest side is parallel to the length of the hall, it might have a lengthening effect. If the longer side of the tile is perpendicular to the length of the hall, it might have a widening effect.

If the tiles are laid in at an angle, it can make the hall appear wider.

It's always good to test it out if you're not sure. You can buy samples of each size and lay them in the hall to get a better feeling for what you want before you lay down the big money.

Try to look at plenty of examples in the showroom of the effects of each tile size, particularly in the color you are selecting.


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