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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Posting Prices on Websites or Not

Hi Barbara,
What is your opinion on listing prices for services on websites? The two other redesigners in my community do not include prices on their websites and I am not certain whether to include prices or not. Your advice is valued and I appreciate your continued enthusiasm and encouragement.
Blessings to you,



Well, I like putting the prices up because it helps me weed out looky-loos, but I'm in a different place than you. I don't have time for them anymore and don't need them. I only do them to stay abreast.

If you're going to post prices, you have to make it so that someone really can trust you and believe that you will definitely be worth the money, or you won't get any biz.

I would test it. I personally like to see prices displayed on sites and hate very much to have to call up to get a quote. I like the fact that the price is posted and is the same for everyone.

So test it.

Put the price up for a week.
Take it down for a week.
Put it up for a week.
Take it back down for a week.

See what works best.



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