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Monday, April 24, 2006

Window Treatments

I have short windows in my home, they have mini blinds on them and I want to put valances up. Any idea which style to use to make the windows look not so wide?


Well, any time you have horizontal lines going across the window it will look wider and not taller. The horizontal line of the valance, plus the horizontal lines of the blinds all contribute to this.

If you can't change the blinds for verticals or shades and if you must have the valance, try to put vertical lines in the valance. You didn't say how tall the valance will be.

You can also hang faux drapery panels down the outer edges of the window, coming from under the valance on each side. This will add a strong vertical line and counteract the impact of the horizontal lines. They will also reduce the width of the window automatically. Run the fabric from top of window to the floor.


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