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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dining Room Tips; Painting Wood in a Room

I have a couple of decorating questions. I am doing a dining room for a client who has no furniture yet. The dining room is approximately 10 x 10 square and it has a 14 foot round tray ceiling. is a round table the only shape that will work because of the ceiling or could we also use an oblong table or would that look odd with the ceiling? Also, I did a color consultation for an older home that needs updating. All the trim, doors, baseboards, etc. are the darker wood. I've been asked if that look is coming back so we wouldnÂ’t have to paint it, but I think it stills needs to be painted a cream or maybe antique white to also brighten up the somewhat dark house. I've selected different hues of a gold palette with accents of Sienna (trying to get her away from all beige).

A round or square table in a square room will be ideal, for proportional reasons. Hard to do anything else and have it look good.

First you have to make sure that the wood in the room will take the paint ok. Some woods are hard woods and act like plastic where paint won't adhere properly. The wood has to be porous enough for the paint to sink in or it will scratch off quickly when used.

Assuming the wood is paintable, I personally like lighter backgrounds with window treatments the same color as the walls. It makes the room look more unified and less pieced up and then the furniture and accessories stand out more. It also makes the room look much larger.

Having said that, it's still personal preference. Rather than focusing on what's "in", focus on what the client likes. That's the only important factor. Fads come and go. What one really likes stays much longer.


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