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Friday, March 24, 2006

Sheffield School of Interior Design

I have just completed the Sheffield school of Interior Design program and loved it. How does your program in design compare to theirs. I am really interested in your redesign program and would not need all the design background stuff (ie color theory, etc). Which one of your programs would be best suited for me??


It depends on your goals, actually.

I offer both Redesign and Home Staging in basic training tutorials (ebook or printed versions). Rearrange It (redesign) covers a little of home staging, but focuses mainly on redesign, setting up business, marketing, promotions, etc.

Home Staging for Profit covers only staging business and parts are very similar to Rearrange It, because some marketing, organization and promotional stuff is the same for every business one earth.

Advanced Redesign covers advanced stuff for both businesses, but maybe more for redesign than staging, hence the name.
Then there are nifty tools of the trade I highly recommend and use myself.
Don't know anything about Sheffield, though they have been around a long time. I have periodically had interior designers tell me they learned more from me on arrangement of furniture, however, than they did in all their formal design training, but I couldn't tell you where they studied. So I cannot help you compare what I teach with what you already know. One gal in Florida said she didn't learn anything new in Decor Secrets Revealed, but was reminded of several things she had forgotten about and she had been a full service designer for many years. So it is different for everyone.


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