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Monday, July 31, 2006

Living Room Becomes Bedroom by Night

I am about to move; but the thing is my boyfriend, our 13 month old son, and I are on a tight budget and my boyfriend will be going to school during the week and my son & I will be moving into a 1 bedroom apartment. Well my question is 'How can I turn the living room into a bedroom at night & a living room during the day with a full size bed on a fixed income? (his is so my 13 month old can have the bedroom.)

Put the bed up against a wall with the length side against the wall. Put a coordinating comforter or spread over the bed. Fill the bed up with throw pillows of various sizes and shapes and stack them against the wall on the bed, going down the length of the bed. You'll need somewhere between 7-13 pillows roughly. This will make the bed look more like a sofa during the day, and of course it's easy to toss them on the floor at night when sleeping. Keep the bed made during the day - that's the most important part.


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