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Friday, September 01, 2006

Adding Substantial Drama to a Room

Some rooms are meant to be subtle. They are filled with soft colors. A very blended look.

Other rooms are made for drama.

When creating a dramatic room, don't think that strong, bold colors are the only way to add drama. While they are one of the least expensive ways, and easy to implement with paint, there are other effective ways to strengthen a room or a portion of a room.

In your master bedroom, turn your bed into a canopy bed. Not only will the canopy bed add height to the room, but it makes a huge statement, thereby adding drama.

Canopy beds can extend all the way to a flat ceiling, or sit out in the openness of a vaulted ceiling room. The soft fabrics you can add to all of the corners will also help define height as the vertical lines are repeated.

Purchase and custom frame an oversized mirror, say one that is 4-5 feet wide by 8-9 feet tall. Put it in your entry. Stand it on the floor, leaning back against the wall. Wow! What an effect. It is such an unexpected treatment of a room, the drama is enormous.


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