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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Home Staging Training

Hello Barbara,
I am interested in the ebook on Home Staging Services but I can't see it
listed separately. Is it available to purchase separately?
Many thanks.


  • Glenda,

    While we are mainly a redesign training center, both our basic and
    advanced redesign training cover staging as well, just not as thoroughly.
    Since the two businesses are so closely aligned, the same principles apply
    to each, so no need to do two separate ebooks/manuals for people to buy. If you mainly want home staging, you might find Advanced Redesign more helpful as it has an 8 page checklist of staging services you can provide to help
    you guage the time a job will take so you can properly price it.

    But you will find good training in both Rearrange It and Advanced Redesign. The goals of each business differ, but the tactics and strategies are similar or the same, depending.

    Barbara Jennings

    By Blogger Barbara Jennings, at 9:21 AM  

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