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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lighting and Furniture Arrangement Questions


QUESTION - Presently, there is only large track lighting on a high slanted open beam ceiling in a large L-shaped living and dining room--lights can be dimmed. I somehow feel that other lighting is needed (for ambience) even though the furniture is beautiful and she has great accessories and art work to choose from. Do you agree, or does this require some, "that depends..."? (A chandelier over the dining room table would need a very long cord but I don't think the track lighting goes with the rest of the dining room decor).

ANSWER - Seek to triangulate lighting in a room. If the track lights don't "go", try to hide them in some way. I once put a Japanese paper umbrella upsidedown to hang just below some ugly track lights on a high beam in a living room. The decor was Asian and the umbrella hides the track lights while letting them remain for when they are needed. We used a double headed nail into the beam, then attached a ceiling hook on the end of the umbrella (actually worked it into the hollow bamboo handle. Looks terrific!

Maybe there is somthing else you can try if you get creative.

QUESTION - How many pieces of the same upholstered sating furniture would you purchase for a large living room? No more than two on matching chairs.

ANSWER - Typically you want some patterns in a room for added interest. If the sofa is leather, have her buy two matching lounge/club chairs in a medium large fabric. Then if there is more seating, put a small pattern that blends on it, or save the small pattern for pillows. No more than 3 patterns in a room.

QUESTION - My client (friend--and a freebie!) plans on purchasing Ekornes leather sofa, etc. (just beautiful!) She doesn't know how many or which pieces to go for. That choice is hers but I feel three (especially if they're large, a hassock may be O.K.for a third) matching pieces is too much.

ANSWER - You are right.

QUESTION - I would like to recommend a sofa and loveseat or two loveseats in the leather and the other seating furniture different. Any help here?

ANSWER - Also depends on her lifestyle. She could go large pattern on a sofa, leather on two matching chairs, medium pattern on a chaise, small patterns on pillows. Or two leather loveseats, medium large patterns on two matching chairs, small patterns on pillows.

QUESTION - Can a 'created' focal point on a wall of a room be beyond a sofa which is facing into the room and is part of an L-shaped arrangement in the middle of the floor?

ANSWER - If the large artwork hangs over a sofa backed to the wall, and that is the focal point, then make sure all the other seating faces the art or is in a grouping with it.

Typically you want the main seating to face the focal point, so it's hard for me to tell without seeing it. For more tips, see my free tips list: Sitemap.

COMMENT - Thanks so much for this wonderful service! - Phyllis


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