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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Question on Certification

I was wondering if I do a job for trade if that would be considered the same as a paying customer to go toward the certification requirements?

Also, do you know of a "how to" book for instructions on jobs around the house such as using hardware to hang art. (ie molly bolts and nail anchors)




For certification purposes, it doesn't matter if you turn in a "paid" job, a "trade" job or a free job. We're interested in seeing your talent and application of what we've taught you. We don't care if you got paid or not.

In Rearrange It, at the back, there's 17 pages on hanging art techniques, though it doesn't cover molly bolts and nail anchors. You might do an internet search on the terms and see what pops up.


Certified Redesigner Application


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