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Thursday, November 17, 2005

To Fill Shelves or Not?

Barbara, thank you for responding so quickly. I am diligently studying the
books I bought. I have registered my new little business and have opened
new bank accounts. Creative Home Care will be up and running soon. I have
identified twenty different realtors in just our community alone to target
with presentations on the three-phase service I'm developing. There's an
older gentleman in our church who is very wise about taxes, and I already
started getting some good advice from him on how to handle employees and all
that paperwork. I have one team trained to help clean and organize for
clients and am building a second team to do the same. It's exciting to see
the Lord working out all the details. Ive been praying for wisdom to go in
the right direction. My husbands job of 16 years will be ending soon and I
hope to be advertising by then.

I remember what you said about giving clients a little more that what they
expect. That goes along with Scriptures that talk about having a servant's
attitude. I hope to always keep that in mind.

I constantly think of how rooms could be staged , if I ever got the chance,
while I am cleaning for my current clients. Some have multiple shelves that
surround fireplaces. When staging for sale, does each shelf need to have
something on it to be pleasing to the eye? The bottom shelves are partially
hidden by furniture.

I know that you are a busy woman. I appreciate any input you might have.
Thanks again.

Ann Beach



Sounds like you are progressing nicely.

I generally like to put something on every shelf, whether seen or not. It will at times, at certain angles, probably be seen, so I put things of a non-essential nature on those shelves. As long as they are color appropriate, it's a good way to add "extra storage space" for the owner.

But if staging for a sale, you can get away with less. You just want to make sure that the lower shelves are visually supportive of the upper ones so you don't have the upper shelves appear top heavy.



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