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Saturday, November 12, 2005

When is Enough Enough?

Dear Barbara,

A friend I'm helping in house decorating wishes to purchase three matching leather pieces for her living room - two love seats and one chair. The furniture is beautiful (Ekornes)! She asked me what I thought and I wasn't sure how to answer. I prefer not more than two matching pieces so I did mention that. This furniture comes in many color choices but they are all solid colors (I guess leather always is a solid color!) I purchased a set of three pieces in matching fabric years ago and was so sorry I did ---variety is so important. I don't want her to feel the same way I did but maybe three matched pieces is right for her. However, all the magazines of beautiful homes show lots of matched pieces so maybe that's only my taste and not a poor decorating plan. I'd appreciate your opinion here, please! I know its the client's decision but I feel when asked I'd like to give a correct answer. Her other furniture all matches (beautiful teak purchased years ago) so I was trying to get her to realize variety is good.




I personally would not do 3 matching pieces either normally. That can become sort of boring. But the rest of the room and the style play a part in any decision. For instance, if the room is Asian decor or very high tech modern, perhaps "unity" and "simplicity" are the most important aspects. You didn't say what the style was, so I can't comment too much. If she goes that route, then she should consider some outstanding work of art, or bold pillows with varying patterns to give the room a splash of high interest and drama.



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