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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Behr Fan Decks

Barbara, I have your e-book and love it. However, after purchasing it, several life events prevented me from redecorating my home. I'm now ready to go and purchased the color fan from Behr that you suggested.

My question: how do I know which are warm colors and which are cool? Obviously just a bit of another color in the mix changes the hue, so where do I go from here? I have $40 invested in the fan, plus the e-book, and need to show my husband that it's been advantageous. lol - Debra



Debra, the Behr fan deck is not separated into warm vs cool colors. I was also disappointed to find out that my old favourite (Devoe) had stopped separating the colors. They have two sections, but they have all yellow in the warm section, and not all yellows are warm. They have all blues in the cool section and not all blues are cool.

So they did dump a very helpful way of doing color consultations.

The only advice I can give you is to visit a Home Depot store or other paint store that carries Behr. Then stand back and look at the color display. Usually the colors will graduate on the display from warm to cool and you can help narrow the field for yourself by writing on the back a C for cool and a W for warm.

The tricky part comes when you merge to the center where they can pretty much fall into either category. But those wouldn't be the colors I would be that worried about anyway.

I know this is so unscientific, but it's all that we are left with.


P.S. Thanks for the compliments. Glad you are pleased with the training.