Interior Design and Redesign

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Arrange Your Stuff! Has Finally Arrived

I've just created a very unusual manual for any interior redesigner (or someone wanting to learn how to arrange their furniture like a professional).

It approaches interior redesign from an easy to follow series of sketches (well over 100) with some brief copy of explanation and my handwritten notes to show you how I personally solved the arrangement problems in 33 living/family rooms and 3 bedrooms.

Some of the rooms have been thoroughly dissected, giving you not only the "before" arrangement, but up to 6 "after" arrangements, explaining the concepts behind all of them. Since most rooms can be successfully arranged in several different configurations, you'll learn exactly how and why I study the room and pull everything out of it I can pull.

The manual is called "Arrange Your Stuff".

Check it out at: Arrange Your Stuff

Enjoy decorating,

Barbara Jennings, Certified Redesign Specialist