Interior Design and Redesign

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Using Fabrics in Interior Redesign Services

Are your fabrics dating your rooms? Certain colors and combinations of colors, patterns indicate a strong remembrance to times past. This is a good clue as to when your room was last updated.

For example, avacado green and gold was prevalent in the 60's. Blue and mauve was indicative of the 80's. Teale and green was prevalent in the 90's.

But changing everything can get expensive, especially of the "give away" fabrics are on your walls, carpeting or upholstered furniture.

So if you need a quick fix that is inexpensive, consider slip covers for your seating. Good companies to explore are Surefit.Net or Domestications.Com.

To keep the slipcovers from moving, tuck lengths of PVC pipe or rolled magazines pushed behind the cushions to keep the slipcover in place.

If budget allows, use custom slipcovers. You can get them in components so you can Velcro the skirt in place, each arm separately and then add the cushion covers for a very fitted look.

I've even known people to drape the top and cushions with large throws. It just depends on how much you have to hide and the style of seating you're working with.

Some wallpapers can be painted over. I don't like it myself, but it can be a quick remedy when you need one.