Interior Design and Redesign

Monday, March 20, 2006

Stay in Tune with the Past - Redesign vs. New

The older I get the more in tune I am with nostalgia. I drive a PT Cruiser. My home is filled with Asian decor reminding me of my childhood growing up in Japan.

With the escalating prices of homes all across the country, and especially in Orange County (where I live), one must look carefully at the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new home as opposed to restoring and repairing an older one. I'm in the process of doing the latter.

When we appreciate the past it gives us a clearer vision for the future.

I just redesigned a multi-million home in Long Beach, a city that has undergone a huge redevelopment of the downtown area. Driving through that part of town last week, I hardly recognized a city where I had lived and worked and attended college.

Look to your past for inspiration and appreciation. It's an important part of your family's heritage. Treasure it. Own it. Preserve it.

Website Design for Business

I want to get started with a business in the Los Angeles area and I need to put a website together. I have done design work for years (for free) & just retired from an administrative position in marine & commercial refrigeration. I would like to name my business REARRANGE HOME DECORATING. I would aim my business toward homes & real estate sale preparation for homes. I need help putting a wesite together. Can you help or advise?

I could do one for you but I'm very pricey at $2000 and above depending on size.

There are many places where you can purchase a small website and they provide you with a simple template to work in and you can do it yourself. I would refer you to my daughter, who is very good, and not as expensive as me, but she is swamped getting ready to go on tour to Europe in April.

A search on the internet should be advantageous to you.

Good luck,Barbara Jennings