Interior Design and Redesign

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Decorating Dining Room

A client has a teak dining room suite. Her chairs are not that attractive (more outdated appearing than the rest of the set). She has four new chairs in her travel trailer that are of a lighter wood but the seats are much nicer upholstered and the chairs are more modern and heavier. If the two colors of the wood blend or compliment each other, that switch should work shouldn't it?

My dining room chairs don't match the table itself and I love it. If they blend, you get a nice eclectic look. Another alternative is to put slip covers over the current chairs in a fabric that blends with the wood and the room. You can buy slip covers ready made which look especially contemporary in white, off white or black, or make them yourself, etc. Some come with contrasting colors on the piping too.